Emma Kate Dawson
Personal Performance Coach

1:1 Coaching Packages

"Coaching is a partnership that empowers people to take ownership of their own development"
John Borland  

1:1 Clarity Coaching 

This is perfect if you’re feeling blocked, frustrated and unsure which way to go.
Whether you’re facing a career change, contemplating starting a new business, unsure of the direction to take your existing business or you simply feel overwhelmed and as though life has lost its direction, Clarity Coaching will get you back on track.
Clarity Preceeds Success

  We’ll work together so you get a deeper understanding of what you truly want from life, help you to rediscover your skills and abilities, explore multiple options and help you to create an actionable plan so you can move forwards with confidence.


​​Here's what's included:​​
Three, 40-minute coaching calls
Unlimited direct email or messenger support (Monday-Friday only)​

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1:1 Personal Performance Coaching 

If you know you are capable of so much more, personal performance coaching could be the perfect tool to help you deeply explore all areas of your mind, body and soul so you can re-connect with your truest self.

1:1 coaching is intensive and deeply personal. There is no set programme and no step-by-step guide to your best you. It is led by your dreams and vision.

We’ll work together closely to get clarity on what you truly want from life and what has up till now held you back from living into your full potential.

I’ll empower you as you change the limiting beliefs, behaviours, habits and self-talk that are keeping you in a rut, so you can grow into the most radiant and confident you.

Life only get’s better when you do.

1:1 coaching will stretch and challenge you as you push past the boundaries of your comfort zone to create the life of vibrance and meaning your heart is calling to.

Six Month 1:1 Coaching Package ​​


​​Here's what's included:​​
A 90-minute initial deep dive call
Ten, 60-minute coaching calls
A 90-minute next steps call
Unlimited direct email or messenger support (Monday-Friday only)​
Inclusive membership for the next Elevate program 

1 Day Intensive 1:1 Coaching ​​


​​Here's what's included:​​
4 hours of deep dive coaching 
Two 30-minute follow up laser coaching calls
 An invitation to be part of Elevate half price  

What my clients say about working with me...

Rachel Jury
Health Advocate Patient Leader and Blogger

"I cannot believe how different I feel and how much I have learnt about how my mindset and beliefs can hold me back. I can honestly say I believe I have been given the tools to become that strong, resilient and confident person I have always wanted to be.

Since working with Emma I’ve travelled four times with work, made promotional videos, spoken at large events, been involved in research projects and I won the Positive Role Model Award for Disability at this years National Diversity awards.  
If I hadn’t done the programme I wouldn’t have done any of it."
Charlotte White
Furniture Restorer and Younique Presenter  

"I turned to Emma for support last year and I have to say it’s the best decision I have made for myself and my business.

Emma has a very kind nature, guiding you to think about yourself and your beliefs without being forceful or pushy. She has a talent for bringing out the best in you, and helping you realise who you genuinely are. 

Thank you Emma, so so much."
Claire Last
Tropic Ambassador 

"Emma is an amazing and inspirational woman. She gives you guidance and support on how to make your business and self confidence grow

I would highly recommend her for changing your mindset and achieving your goals"

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